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Kjell Reidar Hovelsrud – Svalbard – life at risk

Svalbard Unleashed! 

Adventure in Svalbard!

Embark on an extraordinary journey through the untamed wilderness of Svalbard with the legendary Norwegian explorer, Kjell Reidar Hovelsrud. 

For over four decades, Hovelsrud has braved the harshest elements and encountered the most awe-inspiring moments, and now he shares his captivating tales with great passion, recounts fore you.

The unique expedition that led to the protection of polar bears in 1973.
The drama when a polar bear followed him into the cabin.
The ice closing in on him as the weasel disappeared into the depths.
Read more about the incredible life of this wilderness adventurer in the icy wilderness.

ISBN 9788283870336 Ebook 

260 pages, illustrated

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